When clients think stage and set design, they think set construction and video projection.

Young Presidents’ Organization at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Sometimes, they need to be reminded of a third important element: lighting design.

Creative and exciting light design can make a good show go from ordinary to extraordinary. Everyone sees video projection at shows, but when you see a show with excellent lighting, it seems more high-end. As Brian Dawson, owner of SoundSource Entertainment and Intelligent Lighting Design of Texas, notes, “Professional event lighting is the most cost-effective solution for any event planner looking to transform their event.”

If you need proof, go to any play or musical.  In Broadway, the lighting designer is the first contact. The lighting has the potential to help tell the story, change the mood, and set the ambiance. In some plays, the lighting has even played the part of a character.

So why is it that in corporate theatre, it’s often the opposite – people talk to the set designer, the videographer, the graphic design artist, then the lighting designer? After years of experience, we know better. We know the difference lighting can make in the eyes of the audience, so we have someone there from the start with us every step of the way. One of the first calls we make is to the lighting designer so he or she can be involved in the entire process rather than just being an afterthought.

The lighting design finishes the story.

RedPrairie RedShift 2011