In the last entry, Dan filled you in on instant AV. This week, we want to talk about another type of video in meetings – the meeting opener itself.

Video openers are the easiest way for our clients to get their theme across to meeting participants. It can be tough to fit the whole idea of the meeting into a one-minute opener, but when it’s done, it serves as a versatile piece for the meeting and beyond.

Some meeting openers are purely graphical in nature. Others combine video footage with animations and music. But rarely is an opener just an opener.

Recently, we produced the meeting opener for one of our clients. They came to us and told us that this year’s meeting opener had to be multipurpose: it would serve as the statement piece for the company all year, both internally and externally.

The meeting opener combined graphics and animation along with an upbeat, poppy song. It played in the beginning of the meeting and twice more, and the song soon became the theme song for the entire conference. When the meeting ended, we had one more task: adapt the video so that the client could use it all year and distribute it to everyone in the company, whether or not they had been at the conference.

So, with a few tweaks, our task was done. The video served as a way for our client to get their message of purpose out to everyone in the organization, and stayed in circulation far past the conference.