We work with many of our clients year after year (in some cases, for twenty years!), so we always think of creative ways to make their event different for the next time. This is fun for us because our teams bridge creative options with technology. Our clients want to know what the latest and greatest innovations are in the business theatre industry because they need to keep their meetings dynamic and exciting for their attendees.

Years ago, we found that the Ultrawide WATCHOUT system is a great solution to keep shows fresh and contemporary, and were the first production company to bring it to Wisconsin. We’ve been using it for years now, and our clients and their audiences love the impact and the “wow” factor.

As you may know, we’re show producers, so we don’t own AV equipment. However, we own the WATCHOUT technology, not the staging gear – it’s a technology that we’ve invested in permanently because of its versatility. We can scale it to fit just about any size room and any size audience. Take a look at all the different ways we’ve used it in our photos below. You can also see other photos in our galleries in this blog (such as the “stage setups” gallery) and on our website. And to learn more about why Tri-Marq uses the technology, check out Chris’s interview here (via the WATCHOUT website).

For a client’s leadership conference, we used WATCHOUT in a long, narrow room for an audience of 100.

We even used the WATCHOUT system for a gala in a tent!

A client’s “CSI”-themed annual meeting was entirely WATCHOUT-driven. The set used multiple sources, all run from one single WATCHOUT computer.

And on a much larger scale, a client used WATCHOUT and Ultrawide screens for their annual meeting at the Pettit National Ice Center.